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Waist High (Flap Barrier) - WI-SG02-06

Framework- Specification 
Framework: 304(default) /316 Grade Stainless Steel 
Thickness of ply: 1.5mm (default)/ 2.0mm 
Size: 1200*980*280mm (Standard)/ 1400*980*280mm 
Length of Wing: 600mm; Material of wing: Plexiglass; Thickness of Wing: 22mm 
Finish: Brushed surface (default)/ polishing surface

Electric- Specification 
Operation voltage: AC220V (50Hz)/AC (110-240) (60Hz); Main- 
Board voltage: DC 24V 
Interface: One standard port-RS485 
Control panel with count and LED digital function 
Control panel with alarm and sounds indication functions 
Transit speed: 30-40 persons per minute 
Work environment: Indoor/outdoor 
Temperature: -20 degree to 60 degrees 
Emergency and Traffic-light function

Function of self-examine andalarms, it is convenient for users to maintain and use. 
Two or one direction can be controlled and with LED direction indicator 
It will raise the alarm by means of a sound or light when someone pushes in illegally.

The mechanism is locked until a valid open signal is received. 
Reset automatically: Go signal will be cancelled if passage through is not completed within pre-set time. The standard default is 5 seconds. 
Unit can be adjusted permanent open or close when power off to meet different needs, can be controlled and administered by remote control Size, Material of arms optional optional indication of inside counter or outside counter. 
With interface of switch, compatible with all the access controller.




Stainless steel 304

Arm Length


Related Humility

< =95%

Working Temperature

15 degrees to 60 degrees

Response Time


Passing Speed

30 persons/min (normal open)

20 persons/min (normal close)

Power Supply

AC110V± 10V, 60Hz / AC220V± 10V, 50Hz

Power Consumption

100 watts/24V

Input Interface

+12V electrical signal or DC impulse signal with width > 100ms

Working Interface

RS485/relay signal

Packing details:

360*1060*1260/wooden box