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Full Height Turnstile - WI-FH01-05





Dual Turnstile Gate


Stainless steel


L1900*W1580* H2300(mm)

  Technical specification:

Power: AC220V/AC110V(Option)

Pass speed: 30persons/Min

Pass model: Signal/Return direction (adjustable)

Communication interface: RS485/RS232


1. Power supply: AC110V/220V(adjustable). All system run smoothly, noiseless. 
2. Modular circuit design, maintain easily.

3. Three passing modes for both in or out: 
A) Free in & out (without locked); 
B) Limited in & out (controlled by access control system); 
C) Forbidden in & out (locked & without control by the access control system) 
4. Restore to locked status when power on and free passing when power off automatically 
5. Scan card effectively, push gate arm manually, reset, two directions available. The threes gates always being at the closing state; The gate turns 120° At a time(or turns 90° At a tim). 

6. Use special drive system; So lock/unlock being more exact and reliable. 
7. Standard Input Interface: Dry contact digital signal, could be connected with RW equipment and long-distance control by computer. 
8. Re-position automatically. If passage isn't completed in limited time, the release will be cancelled. The setting time controlled by administrator.